10 Nov

I don’t often listen to music these days. i’m not sure why, aside from the fact that we no longer own a cd player (who does?) and I literally have no idea how to download a song! I think maybe it’s also to do with having children. Life is a constant rush that there never seems to be the opportunity. The one time I do get to listen to music is in the car, but only when the girls are not with me. My youngest especially hates having music on in the car as it means she can’t talk. She loves to talk and does not appreciate having to compete against the radio. Which is fair enough and anyway, I love to listen to her chatter away.

A perfect opportunity to listen to music then would be when i’m in the gym. But as I don’t have any sort of song or playlist on my phone I don’t. Instead i’m usually doing something work related with it, social media is all-consuming these days it’s really hard to switch off, especially when it’s your own business. I digress – You are probably wondering where I am going with this post? Well it’s with the introduction of Sudio Sweden. Their collection of wireless, bluetooth, ear phones are just so damn chic. I received a pair in white with rose gold detailing recently and am dying to use them. They are therefore the perfect accessory to get back into music. I love music. It’s amazing how a song can stimulate a memory or emotion and I really miss that. I have already downloaded Napster in anticipation. (Not actually sure what I was making such a fuss about.) From now on, gym time is me time, which means music time.

Find out more about Sudio Sweden here and if you fancy a pair for yourself (thye would also make a pretty cool gift for someone like me) you can get an exclusive 15% off your first order with code MUMZY15. They come with their own leather pouch that is perfect for your handbag. Aside from white, I also love them in Pink!


Jess x



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