16 Nov

One tradition in our house is new Pajamas to wear on Christmas eve. I love seeking out my favourite pair for the girls and each year the offering becomes greater and greater, making the task harder and harder. If you know me you will know I am indecisive at the best of times. Which is my favourite?

Go-to’s include Gap Kids and The Little White Company. I think it’s important for sleepwear to be as soft and comfortable as possible and both brands seem to offer a lovely quality. They also have sweet designs that are not too colourful or garish, for both boys, girls and us mamas. This year however, something else has caught my eye. I spotted this adorable robin-print on Instagram and instantly made up my mind. The girls love robins. We have our own little pet robin called ‘Robbie.’This Christmas, Kath Kitson it is!

If I had a boy I like the moose. And for me? Well I don’t do novelty Pajamas as such, but this Jamie print by Three J NYC is rather nice.





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