3 May

Who knew actually how impossible it is to find school hair clips? After Easter the girls started at a new school and as a result we had to change all their current green hair clips and bands to blue. Being out of season, i.e April not September, it was impossible to find any in the shops; Thank goodness for Glammrags. An online boutique, run by two London mums, that have all the colours and styles of hairbands, clips and ties you may ever need, including those for school.

Glammrags offer traditional styles as well as more fun accessories, including a sparkly glitter range. Their statement oversized-bow Jo Jo Boutique hairbands are also a must have. Especially if you have two little girls that love to accessorize! They are all handmade and of the most beautiful quality, whilst not being ridiculously expensive like some other online boutiques. Their postage is also very reasonable. Just £1.50 for first class delivery.

Shop Glammrags here. It’s pretty hard not to get carried away…


Jess x


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