15 Aug

My daughters get eight weeks off over the summer holidays, it always fills me with dread as I have to juggle my online children’s boutique with looking after them and it’s never that easy. They spend a lot of time with me at the office, (We have a TV in there and get through a lot of paper and pens being arty/making a mess!) with grandparents or camps. We have also been away which really helps to break it up. Anyway, what I do always discover is that those eight weeks do actually go super fast. We only have a couple left and they are back to school, with Evelyn starting reception class. (I am already feeling really emotional about that.)

With this in mind and the fact that I am determined to be more organised than usual to avoid the mad online purchasing frenzy (only to discover that what I had my eye on is out of stock) I have already started getting together a few of the essentials. When you have two to buy for it soon adds up, so I also feel to spread the purchases will make it feel like I am not spending as much? We have to buy uniform from a designated supplier which is something I have yet to tackle for the new year.  I dread to think the bills of those with three, four or five…

Expense aside I do actually enjoy buying the girls all their new back to school bits. I am also a little bit (un-necessarily) fussy when it comes to things like a new water bottle and snack box.  I like to shop around, mainly online at all the cute independents.  This also means we have something different to all the other children in the class and never end up bringing the wrong one home. I’d like to add here that when it comes to things like water bottles I go for quality over quantity. Every single cheap plastic water bottle I have purchased has leaked. They also get really grotty so you always end up buying two or three a term. In the long run you actually end up spending more than if you just buy one nice quality one, that lasts the whole year. This new design by Liewood is lovely. I like that it’s not plastic and comes with a normal and a sports lid.

So, what’s on my list:

1. Liewood Anker water bottle.

2. Design letters snack box.

3. Paperchase dual ended coloring pencils.

4. Startrite Louisa.

5. Hatley navy and red stripe splash coat.

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