12 Sep

The trend that has never really gone away, but this season is key. Leopard. There is literally no escaping it.

However, when it comes to animal prints (of any kind) I always like to keep them to the more classic styles and mainly outerwear. Coat, shoes, bag. Those pieces that won’t ever date, worn on repeat season after season. (With the exception of these New Look leopard print jeans I would never have considered leopard-print trousers before, but I saw them worn on Instagram with a silk white shirt and just LOVED the look. Plus they were under £30 so I thought why not?) I did also manage to get my hands on that sold out Marks and Spencer Collection Leopard print dress that everyone has been going on about. I really like that too, although have yet to wear it. I have found another similar style here which is still in stock if you are interested.

Digression aside, like I said, I prefer leopard in coat, shoe or bag form. Here you can really have fun and afford to pick something a little more investment than fashion as you can re-visit it every year. I invested in a faux fur leopard print coat last year which I am excited to wear again. (I have also recently spotted this MASSCOB over-sized faux fur leopard print coat that makes me wish I didn’t already have something similar. Although mine isn’t oversized, so maybe I can justify it??) The same goes for my favourite Charlotte Olympia Leopard print kitty flats. These are the point toe version which I prefer to the ballerina. You have to be careful with these as you will literally wear them with EVERYTHING.

During my online search of everything with a leopard print I did also see THE MOST GORGEOUS girls faux leopard print coat by Wild and Gorgeous. I mean?! (Not usually a trend I like for children but I think my same rule applies. I am also thinking cost per wear. It will go with everything.)

Love, Jess x

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