Start-rite Chelsea boots for both boys and girls

23 Oct

I was recently contacted by Start-rite shoes and asked if I would like to collaborate with them on the launch of their new season Chelsea boots. Start-rite has always been a go-to for children’s footwear, they always have lovely classics and the quality is one of the best (Louisa is just my absolute favourite style when it comes to school shoes) so of course I was very happy to work with them. They sent me a pair of boots for both the girls in the new blue patent for AW18.

Blue boots are not normally a colour I would choose for them, given that they wear a lot of pastels, Evelyn especially who is insistent on dressing in mostly pink! However, they do have a lot of blues and greys in their Autumn wardrobe which is getting worn morn and more as we head into winter, so the blue is actually really useful. I like them with tights and dresses, which is ideal as they mostly wear dresses, although Annabella has finally started to wear jeans which makes life so much easier! This classic Chelsea boot style is perfect for both. The patent finish is also great as it’s so manageable. There’s no need to treat the boots as you would a normal leather or suede and you can simply wipe them clean. This makes them really versatile and the girls can wear them for pretty much any kind of day.

Start-rite’s chelsea boot comes in lots of other colours too. If you prefer something more neutral the tan leather or grey is the ideal choice. I also really love the silver, I’m very tempted to buy a second pair! They are so reasonably priced for a leather children’s boot.  Not just for girls either, it’s a really unisex style and pretty much all the colour options would work for boys as well as girls.

You can shop the collection here. There is also 10% off if you sign up.



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