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29 Apr

I get asked a lot about older girls fashion and I must admit that often I struggle. There is a real lack of age appropriate styles that are affordable and/or of nice quality. Although quality aside I find it’s the designs that are more of a problem. The high street seems to stop making cute clothing past the ago of seven, and I am unsure why? I personally feel that a lot of the younger styles should be carried through to at least age 10/11. I know that most of you guys also agree. I am definitely not ready for my daughter’s to be wearing cut-outs and crops tops whilst still in single figures. And thankfully neither are they. They are both very much still into their pretty florals, butterfly sleeves and embroidery.

So, where do I shop these days? It’s basically a real mix and I spend hours (much to my husband’s annoyance) shopping online to find what I like. For my youngest daughter it is still relatively easy as A, I have all Annabella’s hand-me-downs and B, she is only five, so hasn’t quite reached that ghastly age seven cut off.

My go-to’s for a summer wardrobe mostly include the independents. Generally run by mums themselves the styles are pretty and practical, appealing to both parents and children.  I love Olivier baby for liberty print dresses and Outside the Lines always do lovely knitwear and skirts. They also have the prettiest summer shorts and tops. I will also pick up pieces from La Coqueta when they go on sale. Both my daughters are so used to wearing dresses, and mostly choose to wear dresses, so even the prettiest styles are worn everyday. – I always make sure everything is machine washable and comfortable, so there is no reason why it can’t be. I have quickly learnt that you can have the most beautiful outfit, but if it’s not comfy it just won’t get worn, no matter what persuasive techniques you use.

Because they don’t generally wear trouser much, apart from leggings when they are doing sports or a muddy dog walk perhaps, I tend to steer away from the high street (as already mentioned style and quality issues for older girls in abundance), instead relying on stores such as H&M and Next for the cheap and cheerful occasional basics. Their conscious leggings are very good value, as is the underwear. I must just mention though that leggings won’t last long if you plan on wearing them a lot.  So if they lived in leggings I would stick to better quality brands such as Boden. Boden’s cosy leggings are also lovely and thick, so really nice for winter. I did also recently add a pair of their tie waist trousers to my basket. Annabella is starting to suddenly want to wear more trousers and shorts and I thought these looked quite nice. There is also an embroidered pair I like, I just need to decide which to go for.

When it comes to denim there has quite honestly always been an issue! It has been impossible to find a style that fits. Luckily neither Annabella or Evelyn  have expressed much of an interest in jeans so I had given up bothering to buy them. But recently Annabella has been desperate for a pair, so I have had to start my search once again.  I ended up ordering a load from Zara in various different sizes and we settled on pair of their regular fit skinny jeans. They have a higher waist than other styles which I think has been the key. They are long enough in the leg, comfortable and don’t fall down, like every other pair we have tried seems to? I am tempted to buy another pair in white. Just to mention I sized up to age 9. (I’m not sure if Zara kids sizing has changed (I always used to find it quite generous) or if she has just suddenly had a massive growth spurt?)  I also ordered a pair of their linen culottes which are really lovely quality and look cute with a plain white t-shirt or blouse.  Again, I got age nine and Annabella is really happy with these too. They also come in other colours, again the white is nice – i’m just a bit sceptical as to how clean they would stay for very long!

I recently just discovered this beautiful German brand via Instagram too; Liiu which is pretty much the perfect collection. I love it all and this is exactly what I would dress my girls in from head to toe, for as long as they will let me.  (Any designers on the high street reading this?) It’s more expensive and requires international shipping, but I am really tempted to order just a few bits. The largest size is 8-10 so I am assuming it’s one of those brands that offers real longevity over a few years. In which case it makes those prices actually really reasonable. I also love the fact that it’s organic. As you might have noticed via my instagram profile recently I am really trying hard to shop more consciously.

(Just quickly too, Mango often has a few nice styles although I haven’t brought anything from them recently. Apart from these two swimsuits – which are just amazing! They have a really cute white frilly one too.)

I hope this helps!



Olivier baby and Kids

Outside the Lines kids

Outside the Lines kids

La Coqueta


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