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5 Sep

I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about Autumn fashion now. As much as I love summer, floaty dresses and slides, i’m now getting a bit bored of them. I can’t wait to get all cosy and there’s no better season for it.

Thankfully, seeing as this year I will be pregnant throughout autumn winter, (yep baby number three is due 2020!) there is still a huge emphasis on chunky knits and maxi’s, which also happen to be perfect for dressing over a bump. I also have a lot of these styles already in my wardrobe, so it means I don’t really need to buy that much new. The only things I am looking at investing in are a few more fitted styles. As my bump grows I tend to prefer to show it off, rather than hide it. I just feel more comfortable and less big, to avoid that cliched tent look.

I was last pregnant five years ago and so much has changed when it comes to maternity style. There really is no longer the need for maternity fashion (as it were). You can find pretty much everything you need on the high street. Even Zara now have a mama section online. (I think underwear is the only exception. Literally none of my bras fit me anymore. I have quickly realised how tricky it is to find nice maternity styles. Just simple, a bit lacy and not under-wired. I went into Mothercare and M&S the other day and they were all hideous! So any suggestions on this are most welcome.)

To avoid digressing into maternity and pregnancy (sorry about that) I will just cut to the chase. Here’s a few of my favourites for autumn, with or without a bump!

Oh, and I am also loving these Eugenie boots. I’m definitely due a new pair as I haven’t brought any for a good few years now, my current ones are starting to look a little tired. It’s generally always flat boots for me, unless I’m getting really dressed up (which is rare these days). I just can’t decide if I prefer them in black, or brown? I also love this cross body bag, not super expensive either.




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