My skincare favourites

11 Sep

When it comes to skincare I definitely have my favourites. When I find a product that works I don’t see a reason to try something different? (It is always hard not to get seduced by the latest new thing however, especially if a new product offers something a little different to my current ones.) I think the important thing to remember when it comes to skincare is know your skin type.  This is often the case with moisturisers. I have combination skin, with problem areas around my mouth, chin and nose (either dryness or those annoying little blackheads), so if it’s too rich I know it’s not going to work for me.  I am also conscious about natural skincare, as well as scientific brands, rather than cosmetic ones. I am also really influenced by price. I don’t have unlimited disposable income so cannot afford to splash out on the most expensive brands. It is also hard not to be sceptical of a cream or serum with a price tag £100 +. (I don’t have any experience of such products however, so I may be completely wrong!)

So, I mention scientific being an important factor when it comes to my skincare. This brings me to Murad and the reason behind this statement. I didn’t really know much about Dr Murad until the spa at my gym, David Lloyd, was offering a free Murad facial analysis and consultation, with a mini facial as a promotion. I had never had a facial before. Not because I haven’t wanted one, but because facials are expensive and I don’t see the point of having just one here and there. I think it’s something you need to be able to do regularly for it to really have any affect. Before booking I has a quick look at the new Murad price list, £36 for an express, half an hour,mini-facial seemed really reasonable and even affordable once a month?

I was a bit nervous about my skin being computer analysed. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see what damage was going on underneath the surface!   Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The consultation was really interesting and informative and the mini facial afterwards was amazing, my skin never looked so good. I purchased a few products the therapist recommended (and had used in the facial) and I haven’t looked back. During my consultation I learnt that Dr Murad is one of the few skincare brands that is actually scientific, and not just cosmetic. There is real science behind this brand with proven results. Dr Murad is a leading pioneer in his field.

So what from Murad do I recommend? First up, and if you just buy one thing, it’s the Skin smoothing polish. A creamy polishing scrub that clears pores and removes dry skin and impurities. It’s to be used in conjunction with your normal cleanser, every other day, not daily. After just a week I really noticed a difference in my overall skin tone. It was so much smoother, are dare I say it, glowing. Always followed by a few spritz of hydrating toner, wiping off any excess moisture with a cotton pad. I then moisturise with essential C day moisturiser that contains SPF 30. It’s not as cheap as other moisturisers but a little goes a long way. It’s really not greasy and sinks into your skin. Having an SPF built in it also means you can save on a having to buy a separate one. (One of the main things the therapist told me was that you should ALWAYS be wearing an SPF, even in winter. The sun is the biggest cause of aging skin (along with sugar/alcohol) and it doesn’t have to be a hot and sunny day for it to be damaging.) Another thing I like about the built in SPF is the fact that you don’t have to layer loads of different creams. I hate to feel like I have lots of product on my face.

I must also mention here another moisturiser that I love and also use depending on my mood. It’s the ESPA optimal skin pro defence SPF 15. It smells divine, which is actually why I brought it, but it also contains an SPF and is really light yet moisturising.

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