What’s in my hospital bag?

12 Feb

If you have been following my pregnancy journey via instagram you will know that I am now just a matter of weeks away from welcoming my third baby and I have finally got around to packing my hospital bag. They say you should have your bag packed by 36 weeks, but if you know me you will know I’m generally quite laid back about these things. I haven’t really thought about it much until now (I’m 37 weeks) but in my head I want to have it all sorted by 38 weeks. Most babies don’t come early so there’s still plenty of time.

So, this brings me to the question, and the point of this post, what to pack? I’m aiming my advice mostly at first time mums who are looking for a practical and simple list, but it can also apply to 2nd, 3rd, 4th pregnancies, especially if you have had a bit of a gap since your last pregnancy, like me. It was nearly six years ago that I last packed for birth, so there are some things I had forgotten about, like a lip balm, essential as hospital air is so dry.

Some people like to pack two separate bags, one for baby and one for themselves, but I prefer to have it all in one large bag as it means less to remember. It also means that you are less likely to bring things that you don’t need. Less space requires more consideration. As much as scented candles and your own pillow are nice things to have, you really won’t need them during labour! Remember your husband/mum/friend can always nip out and get you anything you have forgotten too, and the same applies if you have to stay in hospital longer than anticipated – this is where your own pillow will be most welcome.

For me, based on the anticipation of a one night stay:

Pack of sanitary pads. You can also get ‘maternity nappies’ now too, if you prefer. (Personally these don’t appeal.)

Breast pads. Even if you are not planning to breast feed you will need these initially.

2 x big pants. I got mine from H&M in black.

Maternity bra.

An old T-shirt/vest to wear in labour. Bikini top if you are planning a water birth. Nothing fancy here as it will get dirty.

Button Pyjamas/shirt to change into post birth. Button essential for lots of skin on skin and also for feeding. I like to have something relatively nice here to make me feel less grotty and also in case of visitors.

Dressing gown. Take a lightweight one as hospitals are warm. You will just need it to cover up when walking to the bathroom etc. If you don’t already have one I saw this one which would be perfect. Not just for hospital obviously!

Slippers, as above. Some people also like to take flip flops for the showers.

Going home outfit. I have an oversized lounge wear set from Zara, similar to this. (Sadly mine has now sold out.) A dark colour is always best and I love grey.

Basic toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, face wash and moisturiser. I love the Jurlique rose water balancing mist too, which I have packed for every birth. It’s just a little bit of luxury and really does give a boost during and after labour.

Basic make-up: tinted moisturiser, blush and a lipstick. Forget mascara.

Hand sanitiser – very important!

Lansinoh nipple cream if you are breastfeeding. It’s the only one (from my experience) that actually works, as long as you apply it religiously.

Lip balm. Or in my case the Batch #100 beeswax balm which works as lip balm, moisturiser and hand cream in one. It’s also great for baby later on.

Snacks: I have yet to come across anyone that has fancies a proper meal during labour, the very thought of food made me throw up both times, but a bag of Haribo Tangfastics and a lucozade drink, or similar, were lifesavers. For me and my husband! Sugar/energy to get you through those final stages!

Charger. Definitely can’t forget this as no doubt your battery will die and then you won’t be able to take any pictures. If you have a different one to your husband/partner pack theirs too!

For baby, based on the anticipation of a one night stay:

Small pack of nappies, nappy bags and some cotton wool for cleaning. I don’t like to use wipes straight away. (All packed in the Jem + Bea BABA Eco pouch,that I treated myself too. This will be very handy throughout the baby days. (No need for a changing bag, just one of these with the necessities chucked into your normal handbag. They do a changing mat that fits inside too.)

3 x vests. I love the ribbed bodysuits from Zara.

3 x plain sleep suits with feet.


Cardigan.  I have a special hand-knitted one that was actually mine (!) but Petit bateau have a gorgeous one, that comes in cream, pink and blue,  if you too want something special.

Going home outfit. I have this beautiful gender neutral sleepsuit from Mama Owl. It’s made from organic silk and Merino wool.

Swaddle – obsessed with these sensory ones from Etta Loves.

Baby blanket. I found this one from mama designs which is beautiful. soft and made from organic cotton. I wanted something that would also be a keepsake.

Teddy/comforter, if you want although not necessary. I just brought a super-cute organic muslin rabbit one from Liewood.

If there’s anything you think I have forgotten let me know!?


Jess x


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