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Designer baby clothes: Little designers at Debenhams

13 May

J by Jasper Conran Gingham dress £22
Yummies mummies tend to have yummy babies, so if you intend to dress your little one in keeping with your own stylish and fashionable appearance, why not pop to Debenhams and check out their gorgeous little designer baby outfits!?

You might not want to splash out on clothes for your little one, knowing that babies grow so quickly and tend to make a mess, but you will be surprised that little Designers at Debenhams is not actually more expensive than say Next or Mamas and Papas! They have so many gorgeous little outfits for both boys and girls i guarentee you will go mad and ... Read More

Miranda Kerr

12 May

I saw  this snap of Miranda Kerr quite a few months ago, soon after she announced her pregnancy, and i just love her whole pregnancy style. Ever since i have been on the look out for a similar maternity outfit, specifically the hat.

I love hats, they are a great way of funking up a look, aswell as hiding unruley hair that needs a wash, thanks pregnancy hormones! There are a lot of summer hats out their, straw types that are great for the beach, but i want more of a city hat.  The search for this has proved a lot more difficult! I have browsed the shops and the internet and h ... Read More

Some of my beauty must haves

10 May

Macadamia Hair oil treatment £27.50
Macadamia Hair oil treatment £27.50

If you are like me you will have a lot of beauty products in your bathroom cabinet, some you use and some that just sit there gathering dust! Since becoming pregnant the amount of products i have has dramatically increased as i try out all the latest fads to prevent stretch marks, itchy skin, sensitive skin bla bla bla.  But as some come and go, there are others that remain as my trusted must haves.

First on the list is Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (I also use their clay ... Read More

French Connection Maternity

9 May

French Connection maternity jersey V-neck jumpsuit £87

Since becoming pregnant i have often wondered why all stores do not have a maternity range that is simply an adaptation of their normal fashion range. Surely it is easy to pick some of the latest new designs and add some ruching or extra panels to the sides? Some stores have been successful at offering some nice maternity clothes, don't get me wrong; Topshop, Dorethy Perkins, H&M is OK, but they do not have a great turn around in terms of styles. It seems they have a maternity range that lasts for months, and only add a few pieces seasonally, nothing like the turnaround ... Read More

Maternity skincare from Shea Mooti for Mama and Baby

6 May

Mama Belly Rub stretch mark oil £16
I am always on the look out for new beauty products that are aimed to make my pregnancy more bearable and allow for a little bit of pampering. There are lots of brands out there that we have all seen and heard, Bio Oil, The sanctuary for mums, even Silderm for stretchmarks but none of these brands are marketed as being ethical or natural.

In pregnancy we are all encouraged to be as healthy and natural as possible, whether it be in what you eat or what you put on your skin. I for one have tried to make sure that i do not expose my unborn baby to anything potentially harmful. ( yo ... Read More

Shopping fix – Animal Print

4 May

k Jacques St Tropez zebra sandals £190
I need a shopping fix! I am beginning to get slightly depressed by the fact that i cannot enjoy regular shopping trips like i used to, i really cannot wait to get my figure back and hit the high street big time!!

Pregnancy is a time in ones life when you cannot get really excited about shopping, simply because there is not so much choice when it comes to cute dresses and tailored shorts, damn that bump!  However it is essential to keep in mind that this is only temporary, and in the meantime you can still get your fashion fix in other areas, like accessories!

... Read More

A competition for a yummy mummy sun safety product

3 May

If you saw my earlier post about one of my 'must have' yummy mummy products, the BabyPeace Kurtis sun blanket, you will have probably looked into getting one for yourself! Well, they have just launced a sun awareness campaign and a  chance for you to win one!

As the weather heats up and the sun becomes stronger it is essential to be aware how dangerous and harmful UVA and UVB rays can be to your little one. That is why the Babypeace Kurtis is such a great product, it does an excellent job at protecting your baby and it also looks super stylish!

To enter the co ... Read More

Cake Maternity Lingerie

3 May

Cake Lingerie
As you all know i am a real fan of feminine, sexy lingerie and in pregnancy this is no exception. I am relatively lucky that i was not pregnant a few years ago as from what my research tells me there was no such thing available! Now, thank godness, there are a number of brands out their dedicated to nursing and maternity that look just like underwear sets you would wear before becoming pregnant. Cake Lingerie is one of these brands, and to me they really stand out.

Cake lingerie is exactly what i like, and exactly what i was looking for when i became pregnant! They offer a deli ... Read More

Maternity lounge wear aka Natalie Portman

28 Apr

Being pregnant means that sometimes you just want to be comfy and lounge around in some tracky's, well i do anyway, and so does Natalie Portman judging by the fact that she has recently been pictured out and in a casual attire. However it is important to understand that tracksuit does not have to mean trailor trash. There is lots of maternity loungewear available that allows for a stylish, casual look.

I think personally it is best to go for neutral, dark colours in classic styles, try to avoid looking like a  Paris Hilton wannabe in  juicy couture, you will look even ... Read More

Camden: A fish pedicure, Gilgamesh and shopping!

26 Apr

I had a lovely day on Saturday with my soon to be sister in law! She treated me to a fish pedicure and lunch at the yummy Gilgamesh in Camden. Afterwards we (of course) spent a few hours shopping in the stables, there is so much to see there we could have literally spent all day!

So, first off the fish pedicure. I was quite excited about this, but at the same time not really sure what to expect! We arrived at the salon, had our feet sprayed with disinfectant and then place them in individual tanks filled with hundreds of little fish. They immediately swarmed our feet and star ... Read More
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