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Maternity wear for Weddings!!

14 Apr

Isabella Oliver print Kimono dress £249
Its only two weeks until the royal wedding, everyone is speculating about 'the dress', what better time to talk about wedding fashion for us preggy's! I suspect most of us will be attending a wedding, or summer party in the next few months and will be on the look out for some gorgeous maternity wedding outfits! Mumzy-not is here to help.

I have searched for what i think are some of the best maternity dresses out there. All available to buy now, either in store or over the internet. My favourite for a budget is the Asos purple 70's slash sleeve dress, or if you fancy a re ... Read More

Stretchmarks: prevention and treatment from Silderm

13 Apr

Pregnancy results in a number of annoying conditions, one of the most worrysome is the dreaded stretchmarks! They say that the likelihood of you getting stretchmarks is mostly down to your genes, so if your mother got them you probably will too. However, i strongly believe that you can definately help to reduce their appearance, and maybe even prevent stretchmarks all together, with a little help from a friend.

In this instance my friend is Silderm - 'Beauty through Science, clinically proven for stretchmarks.' Silderm is similar to the more popular brand, Bio Oil (i must admi ... Read More

Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow

12 Apr

As my pregnancy is progressing and my bump is getting bigger i have been finding it harder and harder to get comfortable in bed. This has really affected my sleep and i was desperate to find something that would help, i am concious that i need to make the most of my sleep whilst i still can!!

I have seen and read about a number of different pregnancy pillows designed to combat my exact problem, and one that really stood out was the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow. I first saw them at the babyshow in London and thought they looked great, just what i needed.  After talking to ... Read More

Victoria Beckham

12 Apr

It was only a matter of time before Posh was spotted with her ellusive baby bump finally on show. Snapped walking through LAX she looked effortlessly cool and stylish, as you would expect Victoria Beckham to look. This is one lady that will never let a small thing like a baby bump cramp her style!

Obviously being Victoria beckham she will have an endless supply of designer maternity wear (most probably taylor made) delivered to her door daily. But us meer mortals can still look just as good at a fraction of the price. I have found a couple of similar cape/poncho type styles ... Read More

Dorethy Perkins maternity vests

10 Apr

 So far my pregnancy wardrobe has been centred around warm knits, fur gilets, leggings and boots. So as you can imagine i had a bit of a panic when i woke up on Saturday morning to clear blue skies and warm sunshine. I opened my wardrobe and realised i had nothing suitable to wear! OK i have a fair few maxi dresses and smarter summer outfits, from my holiday a few moths ago, but nothing with a more casual feel. I was not too bothered however, as this ment i had an excuse to go shopping!

I was slightly apprehensive as my local town is not renowned for having a vast selection of ... Read More

Avene ‘miracle’ French skincare

8 Apr

A make up artist i met at a shoot for Pregnancy and Birth magazine this week told me about this amazing French skin care range that all the models swear by!  ' Avène is a unique French dermo-cosmetic brand dedicated to each level of skin sensitivity; from sensitive, intolerant to allergic.  Each product contains the Avène Thermal Spring Water, a unique ingredient whose properties have been endorsed by dermatologists over the years.' If you go on their website you can do a skin diagnosis to make sure you use the right products to suit your specific skin tone!

Read More

Pregnancy yoga

4 Apr

I started practicing yoga about a year ago. It was something i always wanted to get into and just never got around to, until my gym introduced a number of different yoga classes. I started doing a basic yoga on a Saturday morning and then progressed into Ashtanga yoga, which is a bit more strenuous and advanced. I also tried my hand at Bikram yoga, which is practicing in some 105 degree heat! I loved the feeling after the class, cleansed and revitalised, but i did find the session really hard! I did only go to one class in the end but thinking about it I might try to get into Bikram after ... Read More

Mamas and Papas nursery: Made with love

1 Apr

Made with love dream swing £89
When it came to finding out the sex of our baby there was no way i was not finding out!! We even paid to have a 4D sexing scan early as i could not wait any longer. (I am super impatient). Everyone is different of course, but for me it has made the whole preperation process a lot more exciting. There is so much more choice when it comes to clothes and decorating the nursery when you know if it is a girl or a boy. Plus the fact that yellow and cream is so boring!! Babies like a bit of colour too you know.

So after much shopping and surfing of the internet i finally decided on ... Read More

Waisted belts

1 Apr

Accessories are great for pregnancy as it means you can jazz up your maternity outfit and there are no restrictions when it comes to the latest trends. Belts are especially good for this.

There is a craze at the moment in the world of maternity fashion for the Japanese waisted belt. Pregnant celebrities seem to be going mad for it, check out the latest snap of Selma Blair wearing hers. Serephine maternity do a version of this exact same belt, and i think it looks pretty cool;  You can add it to pretty much any outfit to give it a little bit of an oriental ed ... Read More
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