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7 Aug

In our house my husband is the chef. He is a real foodie and when it comes to grown-up suppers he likes nothing more than to plan the evenings meal, look for recipes and food inspiration online and subsequently send me the shopping list. He is a really good cook and could easily have his own restaurant. My only complaint is that sometimes, after a difficult day, the last thing I want to do is hit the supermarket (toddler in tow) looking for random ingredients!  I am also not keen on my title when he is in the kitchen -  'pot wash' ! Why is it than men are the messiest cooks?  Here ... Read More


14 May

Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be a massive fan, and after reading a recent article in the Daily Mail (Yes I know, of all places!) I am really liking the sound of this new fitness/lifestyle craze....

The UP wristband is described as a 'lifestyle coach'. It's a simple, rubber bracelet that contains a built-in motion sensor and Motionx GPS, that monitors your daily activity and reacts accordingly. It vibrates if you have been inactive and a stopwatch monitors any activities.

Working alongside an iphone app, the UP wristband by Jawbone, estimates your daily calories burn ... Read More


17 Apr

nurturing mums
Having a baby, as we all know, can be somewhat isolating and lonely, especially if you don't have a good support network of friends and family. With this in mind I would like to introduce you to Nurturing mums.

Nurturing mums was founded by two North London mums that wanted to offer post natal care and a much needed support system for like-minded new mummies. Elise Mendelle and Gemma Frenchman both found themselves longing for practical on-tap advice when their babies were born, but didn't know where to turn.  Having experienced conflicting opinions, short paternity leave, a f ... Read More

Walking is best – fact

12 Apr

I have just finished watching a very interesting programme on BBC4 about exercise, walking to be more precise. What I have learnt is that to be the healthiest and to keep your best levels of fitness, walking is best. The amount and type of exercise that you can do is not necessarily based upon spending several hours sweating it out in the gym, it is actually just to make sure you are always on the move. This is great news if you are pregnant, or are just trying to loose your baby weight!

Panorama followed a group of different people from an office worker that did nothing, an off ... Read More

Loosing the baby weight (with the help of Baby Bjorn)

3 Oct

I have had a lot of comments and questions from my followers as to how i have managed to loose my baby weight and get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans after just three months. I know a lot of mummies are in dispair of their figure after having a baby and any tips or advice are welcomed. So i wanted to share my thoughts on the matter and see if i could help all mummies to feel a little bit yummier, without much effort, really....

Now i was quite lucky that during my pregnancy i did not put on too much excess weight, and if i'm honest i think this is key to getting back to your pr ... Read More

Pregnancy yoga

4 Apr

I started practicing yoga about a year ago. It was something i always wanted to get into and just never got around to, until my gym introduced a number of different yoga classes. I started doing a basic yoga on a Saturday morning and then progressed into Ashtanga yoga, which is a bit more strenuous and advanced. I also tried my hand at Bikram yoga, which is practicing in some 105 degree heat! I loved the feeling after the class, cleansed and revitalised, but i did find the session really hard! I did only go to one class in the end but thinking about it I might try to get into Bikram after ... Read More


17 Mar

Now that the days are longer i have started walking my dog, Twiggy, everyday after work. Shamefully in the winter she does not get such regular walks but i have vowed that from now on this will change. She is a Staffy crossed with a Ridgeback, maybe, (to be honest we are not really sure) and so has alot of energy. Although in the house she is a real sweety and happy just to lie on your lap and snuggle up. People can be very snobby about Staffies due to all the bad press that they get, but i can safely say that they are the most loyal and loving dogs and i know Twiggy will be great with the bab ... Read More