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Maternity skincare from Shea Mooti for Mama and Baby

6 May

Mama Belly Rub stretch mark oil £16
I am always on the look out for new beauty products that are aimed to make my pregnancy more bearable and allow for a little bit of pampering. There are lots of brands out there that we have all seen and heard, Bio Oil, The sanctuary for mums, even Silderm for stretchmarks but none of these brands are marketed as being ethical or natural.

In pregnancy we are all encouraged to be as healthy and natural as possible, whether it be in what you eat or what you put on your skin. I for one have tried to make sure that i do not expose my unborn baby to anything potentially harmful. ( yo ... Read More

Cake Maternity Lingerie

3 May

Cake Lingerie
As you all know i am a real fan of feminine, sexy lingerie and in pregnancy this is no exception. I am relatively lucky that i was not pregnant a few years ago as from what my research tells me there was no such thing available! Now, thank godness, there are a number of brands out their dedicated to nursing and maternity that look just like underwear sets you would wear before becoming pregnant. Cake Lingerie is one of these brands, and to me they really stand out.

Cake lingerie is exactly what i like, and exactly what i was looking for when i became pregnant! They offer a deli ... Read More

Breastfeeding aid: Mamascarf

18 Apr


There has been a lot of controversy lately about breastfeeding in the media, mainly centered around celebrities and the stigma they have received for choosing to opt out of breastfeeding their own babies. I am not going  to judge as i completely understand why some women find it difficult, for personal or medical reasons, or simply because their lifestyle won't allow it. However i do plan to breastfeed, all being well.

Personally i think its the most natural thing and if you can persevere the benefits for yourself and your baby are tremendous. Not to mention ... Read More
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