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30 Sep

Plum and sparrow 2
So I came across the most divine babies moses basket today on Instagram. So beautiful, gorgeous, unique, I just had to share. I mean have you ever seen one so beautiful? Forget the new Mamas and Papas Liberty range. If you expecting and looking for the perfect, safe place for your newborn bundle to snuggle and sleep, this is it.

Plum + Sparrow is a mother of four, inspired by the world around her, and driven by life's experiences, to create something totally unique, natural and wonderful for her baby. I think she's done a pretty good job, judging by the fact that currently every ... Read More

mOmma ROCKS!

22 Apr

photo (45)
Apologies in advance for the review-style feature here, but I feel this exciting new brand is worth a mention. I was recently sent one of their baby bottles to try out and think it's really quite cool so wanted to share.

mOmma is a funky new range of toddler feeding products brought to us by well know maternity brand Lansinoh. As they should, each product is designed to aid development, entertain and stimulate toddlers during mealtimes, using only the highest quality materials in the safest and most hygienic way. And, well generally, just encouraging all those good eating habits ... Read More


1 Dec

If looks could kill. I never though I would say this about a double-buggy, but Bugaboo have done it and i'm all eyes. The Bugaboo Donkey and in all-black. I love it.

I'm not in the market for a double-set of wheels but Bugaboo got in touch recently and asked me to give my thoughts. Because I liked what I saw so much, I have felt it worthy of a share. I must add here that I am a Bugaboo fan already, my Chameleon has lasted for two and is still going strong right now. All that was required for the transition between babies was a little face-lift. The genius behind Bugaboo's inter ... Read More


3 Nov

The 4 x 4 of travel systems, and trust me I've pretty much pushed them all. My Joolz studio Noir is the bees-knees, and incidentally doesn't come much chicer in all black.

There are 101 reasons why I would recommend the Joolz as your travel system, I was invited to their studio and showroom in Amsterdam not too long ago (read more here) which highlights most of them. But nothing highlights it more than actually owning and living with your own. Looks aside, for me their is no rival.


Jess x

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30 Oct

kate S
You heard it here first. Kate Spade NY for Gap Kids has just launched online and in store.

Think colour-pop clothing and accessories for both boys and girls in a limited edition collection. A real nod towards the Kate Spade signature in-keeping with the wear-ability of GAP Kids. Perhaps one of the best collaboration yet? I'm not convinced. For me it's the Jack Spade boys designs that stand out, I love the grown-up feel. Don't get me wrong there are also some cute pieces for the girls. My picks; the bow-print dress and ballerina pumps. But if I were to buy one thing it would be f ... Read More


7 Oct

Cottage toys pic
So things have been super-hectic this past few weeks as you will know from my lack of posts lately. Well one main reason for this, aside from a six-month old and a three year old, is the fact that I have taken on an exciting new project. Say hello to my new baby, Cottage-Toys.

The family business has now come into my hands. With the help of my brother, I have been excitedly re-launching our gorgeous online children's and baby boutique, which as you can imagine is very exciting. There is lots to do and at times it has been stressful, but there is also a bit of fun involved. What ... Read More


24 Jun

Evelyn loves the bath. We didn't follow the 'guidelines' of waiting until she was a week or two old, my theory is get them used to it from the beginning. (After a few days.) There is nothing worse than a little one that hates to bath. Both my girls love the water and this is the only real routine we stick too. (I am 100% anti Gina Ford,) A relaxing warm bubble bath is shortly followed by bed.

With babies in mind a hooded bath towel is a must-have. It just makes life easier. Newborns feel the cold and after a warm bubbly bath they like to snuggle. The Natures Purest robe ... Read More


5 Jun

About a month ago I was offered a newborn shoot with Clapham based photographer Emanuela Redaschi. (I met her at a London Mother's event and she was keen for me to review her services.) Of course I happily accepted. When A was born we did a family shoot for Baby Surrey magazine and got some really gorgeous images, so I was honoured to be in a similar position second time around.

A professional shoot is something I 100% recommend on the arrival of a new baby. It's the perfect excuse to get everyone together, no arguments, no fuss, to create some treasured professional photographs ... Read More


24 Mar

Since I began Mumzynot I have been introduced to so many wonderful new brands. One such brand is Anna Soderstrom. Beautifully designed and crafted Scottish cashmere, for both mother and baby.

Anna Soderstrom is made exclusively in London using the most delicate hand and machine knitting techniques with Swedish accents in every creation. Each product is totally unique and utterly desirable. Luxury Scottish cashmere scarves and hats in the chicest of greys are their signature. The newborn blanket and hat set, Ynski,  is to die for. I was privileged enough to receive my v ... Read More


4 Feb

Just came across these adorable crochet baby mobiles. Do you know anyone that can knit?

I would just adore something like this for the new nursery, I think the bunnies are my favourite. But I feel the £60+ price tag is a little steep so not sure I can justify it? (If you can knit this would be a great little business venture, supplied a little more reasonably? I would be your first customer.) They are really hard to find, literally Etsy is the only place.

Let me know! Or perhaps I should take up knitting myself....


Jess x
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