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23 Jan

A perfect combination of statement and style. Madderson London's Darcy Dress, my new favorite piece from the current collection.

I am not usually one to go for a print, not really sure why, I just always seems to pick something in a block colour. After slipping on the ML Darcy shift however, I think I have been converted. There is just something about this elegant combination of black and beige that works. Even with an expanding (32 week) baby bump, that initial fear of a print adding pounds and looking frumpy was sent right to the back of my mind.  I am not sure how, ... Read More


20 Jan

On my days off I like to keep it simple, and comfy. My go-to piece right now happens to be a Donna Karen knitted poncho I purchased a few season ago, it just seems to go with anything, and most importantly works with that bump. Skinny jeans, a slouchy jumper dress or (dare I say it) leggings are all perfect partners.

With this in mind I have been on the look out for another similar style, just to add a bit of variety on those off-duty days. As said Donna Karen piece has proved, it should become another wardrobe staple that will remain season after season, pregnant or not.
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14 Jan

Topshop check shirt
I am now 32 weeks pregnant and feel like my wardrobe needs a little pick me up. By day I have been living in those favorite maternity skinnies, chunky knits and mannish shirts. The investment jeans are still going strong but up top I am struggling. Thanks to that inevitable baby bump, non-maternity styles are starting to look simply too small. There is nothing more unattractive than a pregnant woman trying to squeeze out the last few wears of her regular wardrobe when it just doesn't fit. Today's outfit (maternity jeans 9London and shirt Ralph Lauren) is my case in point. I just a ... Read More


15 Oct

Cake Lingerie, Vanilla Cream. Bra £38, briefs £18
For the last few days I have been wearing my new maternity set, Vanilla Cream, from Cake Lingerie. And I love it so much I had to share.

As a woman you will know that underwear needs to be chic, it also needs to be comfortable. In pregnancy the emphasis on comfort is even more essential. No matter how pretty or designer, if it's not comfortable, you will always reach for that more comfy piece instead. Thanks to brands like Cake then, it seems you can actually have it all. You might be pregnant but there is no longer an excuse for those daggy thoughtless styles.

I ... Read More


4 Jun

For me remaining stylish whilst breastfeeding was even more of a struggle that during pregnancy. I nursed A until she was seven months old - that's a long time and required some serious outfit planning! (I was not one to sit at home shy. (My girlfriends and I (also with small babies) could often be found in Harvey Nichols fifth floor breastfeeding as an example. With this in mind I also had to be dressed the part. However few and far between, I did manage to find some nursing wear that was actually chic. Such brands were my lifesaver.

One such brand is LOVE MILK. You might have ... Read More


9 Apr

We all know how hard it can be to dress a bump in comfort and style, but what about when you are nursing!? This is where remaining stylish can be even trickier! Enter LOVE MILK.

LOVE MILK is one of my favorite brands of nursing-wear. Their collection is made up of key wardrobe staples, cleverly adapted to allow for discreet and easy breastfeeding. Think Brenton stripes, lace-trim camis and maxi-dresses.  I was recently send a couple of samples from their new collection for review, all of which I loved!

My favorite styles have to be VERA, CLARA and SALLY. ... Read More


19 Sep

MILKBUG breastfeeding skater dress £64.99
Nursing and breastfeeding clothing is an area of the maternity market that I think is still pretty dire. However, there are a few specialist brands out there that are starting to get it right when it comes to offering stylish everyday wear that allows for breastfeeding. I don't know about you but when I was nursing my baby I wanted to be able to go out wearing something nice and not have to worry about how I was going to discreetly feed!?

MILKBUG is one - An online boutique offering some lovely chic nursing dresses and tops. I have a couple of their pieces in my maternity wardro ... Read More

Babes with Babies

11 Aug

Mariposa Top £75
As you probably know if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, since i had my baby and since i am breastfeeding i have been on the look out for Mumzynot feeding clothes, this is an even harder task than maternity clothes! I did not really think about the practicality of breastfeeding and how you need to have special breastfeeding clothes, so that when you are out and about you can be discreet and not have to flash your boobs or your tummy to the entire world. I just assumed i could go back to my pre pregnancy tops and dresses and that would be that.

There are a number of mother ... Read More

Breastfeeding aid: Mamascarf

18 Apr


There has been a lot of controversy lately about breastfeeding in the media, mainly centered around celebrities and the stigma they have received for choosing to opt out of breastfeeding their own babies. I am not going  to judge as i completely understand why some women find it difficult, for personal or medical reasons, or simply because their lifestyle won't allow it. However i do plan to breastfeed, all being well.

Personally i think its the most natural thing and if you can persevere the benefits for yourself and your baby are tremendous. Not to mention ... Read More
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