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2 Nov

joolz day 2
Before I discovered Joolz It was Bugaboo. I loved my Chameleon and it severed me well when Annabella was a baby. But when Evelyn came along my head was turned by these new kids on the block. I received my Joolz Day just before she was born, and I haven't looked back since. You probably knew this already? And are wondering where i'm going with this post? Well, as the title suggests it's now all about the Joolz Day 2. The question is, how can it really be any better than the one I've got?

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1 Dec

If looks could kill. I never though I would say this about a double-buggy, but Bugaboo have done it and i'm all eyes. The Bugabooย Donkey and in all-black. I love it.

I'm not in the market for a double-set of wheels but Bugaboo got in touch recently and asked me to give my thoughts. Because I liked what I saw so much, I have felt it worthy of a share. I must add here that I am a Bugaboo fan already, my Chameleon has lasted for two and is still going strong right now. All that was required for the transition between babies was a little face-lift. The genius behind Bugaboo's inter ... Read More


7 Jan

A necessary accessory for winter is a soft and cosey footmuff of some sort for your stroller, to keep your little one warm. Blankets, forget it, they get kicked off in no time. (Well by A anyway.) Last winter I invested in a sand footmuff to match my Bugaboo Cameleon, this year I have been sent a JJ Cole Bundle me. In chic grey with beige sheepskin interior. Little A has never been more snugly (or stylish) whilst out and about.

My only qualm, which I must mention, is that the sheepskin is a pain to keep clean, especially with this weather we have been having. But, it wa ... Read More


5 Dec

As my second pregnancy approaches the third trimester my attention is (slowly) turning towards newborn prep. I still have yet to actually purchase anything new for #2, I mostly have what I need. But some of the bigger items I am starting to consider, or re-consider as it were, depending on what worked first time around and what didn't. ย One such item being my stroller.

As a first time mum choosing a travel-system was one of the most exciting tasks. I knew what I wanted before I was even pregnant, for me it had to be a Bugaboo. I have no idea why, I just loved it, befor ... Read More


18 Apr

Bugaboo AW
You may well have heard about the latest Bugaboo designer collaboration? If not then you read it here first......From May 2013 Bugaboo and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, start their multi-year creative collaboration with the spring launch of Warhol-inspired pushchair accessories! Aren't these just so cool!?

The first prints to be launched (as pictured) are the Flowers collection and the Cars collection. Both ultra-chic and both I love. For me, this is perhaps the trendiest of the Bugaboo collaborations yet? Aswell as featuring art ... Read More


14 Feb

It might be snowing right now but Spring is just around the corner. Fashion is always one step ahead so I am looking forward to sunnier days.

In true Mumzynot style I have just taken receipt of this chic new tailored fabric set from my friends at Bugaboo. The Sunny Gold limited edition canopyย looks just perfect with Sand and Cream, don't you think? I adore the funky internal black and white stripe. Bugaboo are right on trend combining stripes with neon. Love it.

Investing in new accessories for your stroller is a great way of brightening things up for Spring. If ... Read More


5 Feb

As you know I am a loyal Bugaboo fan - I love my Chameleon. 18 months down the line I am still as much in love as the day I took delivery of it.

If you are expecting your first little one and in the throws of deciding which travel system to go for, this short film from Bugaboo might just sway you in my direction.

Chameleon3 - Molly's day out

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