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28 Mar

mamas and papas bud
This is probably a familiar story, or it will be soon if you are expecting baby no.1:

Your little one is no-longer a helpless baby that is easy to control. She has learnt to feed herself and drink from a cup and now wants to be as 'grown-up' as possible when it comes to dinner time. This means a highchair to sit in is no longer acceptable!? There is nothing worse than battling with a headstrong toddler especially at times like this, when really they are not being naughty, just frustrated. Mummy and daddy sit on a chair at the table, so why can't I? There is now a solution. Tha ... Read More

Mamas and Papas baby clothes NEW IN

25 Aug


Mamas and Papas are always great for fabulous and trendy, good quality, baby clothes. They introduce new collections every season and each collection is based on the latest catwalk trends. So, if you, like me, want to dress your little one to impress, and lets face you want to make them look super cute, head to their site asap! The new collections are just in and they are offering great introductory prices!

There are loads of cute dresses and cardigans for the girls, with funky striped tights and cute little matching shoes. Out of their six collectio ... Read More

Mamas and Papas nursery: Made with love

1 Apr

Made with love dream swing £89
When it came to finding out the sex of our baby there was no way i was not finding out!! We even paid to have a 4D sexing scan early as i could not wait any longer. (I am super impatient). Everyone is different of course, but for me it has made the whole preperation process a lot more exciting. There is so much more choice when it comes to clothes and decorating the nursery when you know if it is a girl or a boy. Plus the fact that yellow and cream is so boring!! Babies like a bit of colour too you know.

So after much shopping and surfing of the internet i finally decided on ... Read More