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11 Dec

A new changing bag brand has recently appeared on my style radar. Hey there Pacapod, most specifically the Pacapod Moab. I received one a couple of weeks ago to sample and am very impressed.

Not only is the Moab chic and stylish, I am loving the satchel design with a nod to the highlands in grey tweed and leather, but it also features a clever mini-rucksack organisational element that is something a little different. This is the Pacapod USP and kinda explains the name pack - a - pod? Two little pods for separate bits and bobs that can be added or removed to the main ba ... Read More


22 Nov

A friend of mine recently asked me what changing bag I would recommend. She wants to treat a friend to something nice and spend a reasonable amount. I jumped at the chance to offer my advice. (I am also thinking of getting a new one, so research is for my benefit also.)

First off, personally, there are only three brands worth considering when it comes to baby bags - Sugarjack, Il Tutto and Storksak. They are market leaders for a reason. Stylish, chic and practical, without a hint of baby.  There is also a new contender in the mix, Baby Beau. I would like to say I discovered thi ... Read More


20 Nov

Before number 2 arrives we will have switched all A's current bedroom furniture into the new nursery. She has already grown out of her changing table and cot, so it makes sense really. This means happily I don't need to worry too much about furnishing a new nursery and can just concentrate on the decor. The only thing I am going to re-invest in furniture wise is a moses basket. Our old one is in the loft and I just want to have something new for those first few precious months. I'm currently debating over this organic one from Natures Purest or a chic white wicker style from Mothercare.
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14 Nov

On Saturday I attended the Plusher press preview - London's first ever luxury mother, family and baby show.  Doors opened to the Royal Horticultural Halls at 9.30am and I was one of the first through the doors, eager to experience the day's offerings. You might have already guessed, where luxury is concerned, I am there.

The show was relatively small and intimate (this was a good thing) with plenty of attractions to keep the little ones busy - mini-mani's from Little Bu, photoshoot stations, a dance corner and an adorable Alice in Wonderland themed fashion show. Of-course there ... Read More


31 Oct

This cute little fellow has just arrived in the UK, all the way from Hollywood. Drool Monkey, as coveted by many a celebrity baby, is set to be a sell out, and you heard it here first.

Drool monkey is the latest must have teether, comforter, rattle, muslin and baby's first snuggle, all-in-one. Made from 100% organic materials without a trace of toxic dye, chemical nasties or synthetic fabrics -  Just simple and pure.  Practical, functional and fashionable this little guy is set to give Sophie Le Giraffe a real run for her money.

I don't know about you, but I am ... Read More


28 Oct

Blossom blog
In case you missed it, last week saw the launch of my collaboration with one of the chicest mother and baby boutiques in town - Blossom mother and child. The Knightsbridge boutique (also available online and in Harrods) is one of my favourite go-to's as a mum-to-be and I am thrilled to now be part of their team. As resident blogger I will be bringing you a monthly snapshot of all the latest must-haves. Think beauty, fashion and baby,with up-to-the minute style advice and product inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. So if you haven't already, make sure you get yourself signed up.
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17 Oct

I was recently introduced to a divine online baby and toddler boutique, Susie and Toto, that offers an adorable collection for style conscious little ones. (Or more realistically, their mums.) If you like quality combined with style this online store is well worth a visit. Think cashmere dresses, wool knits, moccasin booties, tweed coats and a delectable sets for newborns, all made in Italy.

I was lucky enough to receive a rather cute dress and cardi set for A in grey and navy. Initially I was a bit worried our new outfit would be too small. (Sizes go from 3 months to 24 months ... Read More


2 Sep

You might have already guessed, seen a few hints and mentions on my facebook and Twitter? #2 is on the way! As you can imagine we are all super-excited and I'm so relieved to finally be able to make the news official. (I am hopeless at keeping secrets.) A little brother or sister for A. If he/she is half as beautiful, charismatic, clever, loving, funny, caring (the list is endless) we will be more than blessed.

I am not one to obsess over being pregnant so you won't find much changes from my daily posts, they will just perhaps become a little more relevant, especially when we a ... Read More


1 Sep

As recommended by my midwife friend, I'd like to introduce you to the Cocoonababy nest.

Pioneered in France by a leading group of obstetricians, the Cocoonababy nest is described as 'an ergonomic cocoon which prepositions your baby in the semi-fetal position as adopted in the mother's tummy.'  It was originally developed for premature babies but it's success in soothing and comforting, as well as promoting healthy sleep patterns, has been recognized as beneficial for all newborns.

As well as mimicking life inside the womb making your little one as comfortable an ... Read More


31 May

The giving tree
Just a little something I wanted to share.... How cute is this book? The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. A must-have for your little ones library.

A and I love books and ones with a meaning are even more special.


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