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8 Jan

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So I am no longer breastfeeding but when friends Babes With Babies asked to feature something gorgeous from their collection, I knew this was no matter. As a maternity and breastfeeding go-to of mine, when it comes to their clothing practicality is just a formality.

So, as it should, the Babes With Babies collection has several lovely pieces that appear in no-way baby/pregnancy/breastfeeding/new mum related, and after a quick search I picked something I have actually be looking for, for quite a while. - A chunky poncho-style cable-knit in that lovely shade of charcoal grey. (Cur ... Read More


21 May

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We were sure to make the most of this past weekends glorious sunshine. (Clearly a wise move as, surprise surprise, it didn't last.) BBQ's, family and friends were the perfect combination to those hot sunny days.

For laid back summer dressing 'mini-style' you can't beat a cute little romper. Baby Gap editions are my go-to right now for both the girls. Cute, comfy and casual A's lightweight denim version is a favourite, and I love anything in white for baby E.  So does she clearly, judging by that smile.

When it comes to my summer uniform right now, a basi ... Read More


14 Apr

I have been meaning to share pictures of the finished nursery for a while now. Then baby came along, and well time has just flown away.

This morning I did manage to finally snap a few images. A's room is a lot more girly in contrast. Second time around I wanted to have something more neutral. I am currently obsessed with grey so this seemed like a logical start. I love the calming feel that Farrow and Ball's Blackened creates. Combined with white and a little bit of taupe, baby's new space is exactly how I envisaged it would be.

Finishing touches come fro ... Read More


17 Feb

As B-day is fast approaching I am starting to think about nursing, and more importantly nursing attire. You think it's hard to remain stylish whilst pregnant, that's nothing compared to the same challenge if you are planning to breastfeed. Enter the shirt. Buttons and breastfeeding are the perfect combination.

I have to tell you there are basically no chic breastfeeding clothes out there. The likes of Babes with Babies and Isabella Oliver have some options, basic vests with those pull down-clips, poncho's and knits. I lived in my foxy feeders for example. Other than tha ... Read More


23 Jan

A perfect combination of statement and style. Madderson London's Darcy Dress, my new favorite piece from the current collection.

I am not usually one to go for a print, not really sure why, I just always seems to pick something in a block colour. After slipping on the ML Darcy shift however, I think I have been converted. There is just something about this elegant combination of black and beige that works. Even with an expanding (32 week) baby bump, that initial fear of a print adding pounds and looking frumpy was sent right to the back of my mind.  I am not sure how, ... Read More


20 Jan

On my days off I like to keep it simple, and comfy. My go-to piece right now happens to be a Donna Karen knitted poncho I purchased a few season ago, it just seems to go with anything, and most importantly works with that bump. Skinny jeans, a slouchy jumper dress or (dare I say it) leggings are all perfect partners.

With this in mind I have been on the look out for another similar style, just to add a bit of variety on those off-duty days. As said Donna Karen piece has proved, it should become another wardrobe staple that will remain season after season, pregnant or not.
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4 Jun

For me remaining stylish whilst breastfeeding was even more of a struggle that during pregnancy. I nursed A until she was seven months old - that's a long time and required some serious outfit planning! (I was not one to sit at home shy. (My girlfriends and I (also with small babies) could often be found in Harvey Nichols fifth floor breastfeeding as an example. With this in mind I also had to be dressed the part. However few and far between, I did manage to find some nursing wear that was actually chic. Such brands were my lifesaver.

One such brand is LOVE MILK. You might have ... Read More